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Alan is a frequent guest on media outlets around the world and has been interviewed by every major media outlet globally including: The New York Times, The Atlantic Magazine, BBCThe Irish TimesLos Angeles TimesThe Washington Post, Huffington PostTIME, CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360Newsweek, ABC’s 20/20Good Morning AmericaNightline and World News Tonight, NBC’s Today and World News and multiple programs on MSNBC. He and his wife, Leslie, have also been regularly featured guests on the OWN hit show, Our America with Lisa Ling. He has written for The Boston Globe, The Orlando Sentinel, Evangelism.Net, Charisma and The Washington Times.  He is the primary author of God’s Grace & The Homosexual Next DoorReaching the Heart of the Gay Men & Women in Your World, which won Outreach Magazine’sBest Resource of 2007 and Leaving Homosexuality. 

Charisma named Alan ‘One of the Top 30 Leaders Representing the Future of the American Church’. World Magazine gave him their top honor, Daniel of the Year 2011.

Alan and Leslie Chambers live in his hometown, Winter Park, Florida and are the proud parents of Isaac and Molly.

Connect with Alan on Facebook and Twitter @AlanMChambers. Leslie is also on Twitter @LeslieMChambers.

Alan served as the final president of Exodus International from 2001 to 2013 when together with a core team of leaders and board of directors he closed the organization and began making great strides towards building relationships with the LGBTQIA community and encouraging the global Church to do the same. With a goal to reduce fear, establish trust, and inspire hope on both sides for the sake of the Gospel, Alan and his wife, Leslie, spend their time being available to anyone who desires to talk. He has been featured on every major media outlet across the globe. Alan and Leslie’s first book together, My Exodus: Leaving the Slavery of Religion, Loving the Image of God in Everyone (Zondervan, 2015) is due out next summer. They also write sporadically at AlanChambers.org.

The Chambers spend the best part of their lives with their 9 year olds, Molly and Isaac, and the rest having conversations about all things gay with anyone and everyone over lunch in Winter Park, Florida.
Follow Alan and Leslie on Twitter: @AlanMChambers and @LeslieMChambers

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  1. http://wespeaklove.org/exodus/

    This is what I would call a “good first step.”

    I have the feeling that you have a great many more, very large steps to take.

    Away from the Bible. Away from any organized religion. Toward humanity.

    That’s the direction. You take the rest of the steps.