Alan Chambers Featured In September/October 2013 Issue of RELEVANT Magazine

Photo/Graphic Credit: RELEVANT Magazine. Click image to read the article featuring Alan's testimony and recent decisions concerning Exodus.

Photo/Graphic Credit: RELEVANT Magazine. Click image to read the article featuring Alan’s testimony and recent decisions concerning Exodus.

This article by Eddie Kaufholz is from RELEVEANT Magazine Issue 65: SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2013 as well as their podcast. Here is the intro:

“Change is possible!”

That was Exodus International’s slogan, an unapologetic answer to the dicey “are people born gay?” question. Often described as the largest “ex-gay” ministry in the U.S., Exodus worked with Christians who dealt with same-sex attraction for 37 years. That all changed in June, when Exodus International’s president Alan Chambers stunned the world by apologizing for his ministry and shutting its doors for good.

Chambers sat down with RELEVANT Podcast castmember Eddie Kaufholz (who happens to also be a pastor) to discuss that apology, tell his stories and give his vision for the future.

Here is a list of most of the interview questions Alan answered in the podcast/article:

You first got involved at Exodus when you were 19. What was your background before that?

What do you believe brought you to a point at that age where there was already same-sex attraction?

How did you first hear about Exodus?

Talk about how your view has changed since you first came to Exodus. Where do you stand now?

It must have taken a while for this worldview to take shape. What part did Exodus play in this?

It seems like, generally, the message of Exodus was, “you can change; you are not right as you are.” For you that seemed to work, but why does it not work for other people?

I see you leaning into this message, but it started with an apology. What, exactly, are you apologizing for?

Why is this an issue in society? If homosexuality just sits on the plane of sin with all other sin, why is this such a big deal?

So you’re saying the Church needs to reframe the conversation about homosexuality?

Click through to read the entire article. I believe it was very well done.


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