“It’s a Leap Of Faith”: Alan & Leslie Featured in Excellent Buzzfeed Article

Photo Credit: Edward Linsmier for Buzzfeed. Click image to read the full article.

Photo Credit: Edward Linsmier for Buzzfeed. Click image to read the full article.

From the article “The Man Behind The Historic Implosion Of The Ex-Gay Movement” by David Peisner:

…  Chambers not only closed Exodus in sudden and dramatic fashion, but acknowledged the ineffectiveness of gay-to-straight reparative therapy and offered a remarkable mea culpa that apologized for his organization’s many missteps. He’s now founding a new organization focused on bringing Christians and homosexuals together, called Speak. Love. Many in the LGBT community hailed Exodus’ demise as a victory in the culture wars but were disappointed Chambers hadn’t gone further in his support of gay rights or his renouncement of the religious underpinnings of the ex-gay theology. To many evangelicals, the man who had not only been a leader of the ex-gay movement but also a living example of its successes was now a lost sheep, or worse, a heretic.

“There are times when I feel like I don’t have a country,” Chambers says, not far from a wall of photos that include shots of him with his wife, with his kids, and with Mike Huckabee. “There are people who have been invested in this fight for years on both sides. It’s the vocal minority on either side that gets the microphone. What I believe is there are far more people in the middle.”

It’s this middle group that he’s hoping to represent and talk to. The question is, will he have the chance? At the moment, he’s working on defining specific plans for the new organization and raising money to keep the lights on. But in order to succeed, he’ll need to convince people that his divisive past has indeed passed, and that his own personal struggle won’t get in the way of his public mission.

This article is worth the read. Please check it out. If inclined, come and let us know what you think after reading the article.


      • says

        Will do. My “Congregation is scattered across the US and around the world. I am Director of a ministry called STEP-Carefully! for Stepfamilies. Since 1997 we have lead classes, seminars, and I have held private counseling for divorced parents and remarried, “stepparents.” I believe God is pressing me into service for reconciliation of gay and straight Christians. I am watching closely to see what sort of program you will put together so that I may be able to follow and apply your experienced ideas.

        This is all very new to me! Until a few weeks ago, I had always followed the standard marching orders of “them thar nasty sinners!” But Jesus literally woke me from a dead sleep to deliver a whole package of information – scriptures, reasoning, and a pretty direct chastening for being prejudiced – about His possession of gays. He was quite serious about His disappointment with His children for acting so mean and judgmental. Two days later, your letter of apology to the gay community came out and I took it as an indication that God is moving across His family to reunite us.

        I await His direction, and in the meanwhile, I’m watching you and the gay Christian communities.

        In Christ,
        Bob Collins

  1. Ricky says

    After spending most of my life as a straight married man and suppressing same sex attraction, being involved in a great church family but always when the subject of gay came up it was a fast ticket to hell. I have never believed I was born this way I believe circumstances lead me to this pathway however I hated and still hate the feelings of same sex attraction I have begged God and have been angry at Him why did this have to be my stumbling block.
    Just a few weeks ago I had a dream I dream a lot of things that have meaning to me after I think about them but this one awoke me from my sleep’ It was as if Jesus Himself had came to me and brought me this verse Psalm 139 1-18 I was floored my the revelation I got from this verse My sin didn’t catch God by surprise He knew me He still knows me I wept for a long time after reading this that the God of heaven would become a man and be tempted with every sin yes even this sin yet not sin in any way just so He could die for me to free me from it.
    My sin has caused me so much hurt and pain not to me only but to those I loved and cared for my marriage ended over it’ I now believe that I will always have same sex attraction but I can love God and serve Him as a man it is my temptation or thought but only becomes a sin if I act upon it Matt. 5:28 I added the word man inhere for me.
    I am no expert only a man that truly loves God and I love a lot of gay people as friends I can not change the way they think as each of us have are belief system all I know is God saved me from all sin and in so doing did not intend for me to stay were I was He died to save and set fee from the yokes of bondage, Each day I pray for God to make me more like Him to love my neighbors in the way He would have me and to give my self to Him, I ask you the readers to pray for me and Love the gay people as Jesus does but offer His grace to them His job is to change not ours.


  2. Molly says

    This was an excellent well written article- thanks so much for sharing it.

    God Bless Alan and his wife. They are transparent- they could have given up and disappeared- yet they stayed because they believe there is a huge need- and they are right. They don’t have all the answers and I’m not sure why they have to in order to love and support and make the Love of Jesus available to everyone- just like the Word commands.

    My husband and I, after realizing the current situation feel truly led to start reaching out to the Gay and Lesbian Community as we see this huge crisis going on. Young people are being thrown out of their homes for coming out, Parents are being hunted down and exiled for even being involved in their Gay or Lesbian children’s lives or feel totally lost in how to help or support their kids. There are suicide numbers in both those coming out and in parents that are shocking. This is a crisis situation and I think that is the urgency that drives Alan and his family to put themselves in this Microscope.

    We don’t have all the answers. We don’t have Doctorates and Training, although we are more than happy to move toward those things and to work with those who do. But do we have to wait until we are completely ‘equipped’ and have all the answers to go out and love the LGBTQ community like Jesus did and to help and support these homeless or bullied kids/teens/adults? Do we?

    We are watching and covering Speak. Love. in prayer and praying for guidance in our own attempts to move forward as the Lord leads. And God bless you too Randy for all you do!:)

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