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One thought on “ReduceFear.Org is now “Speak. Love.” at

  1. Hi Alan, I’m responding to one of your posts I read on this website awhile back. I just wanted to say just because we believe in truth, doesn’t mean we’re being legalistic or going out and blasting homosexuals. Quite the opposite. I realize how important it is to love them into the fold, love them to Jesus. It’s also important to tell them the truth in love, which is real love, being concerned for their salvation, not arguing with them, but loving them enough to tell them the truth.

    I know that truly loving them is showing them by example our own lives lived in Christ’s freedom, and that’s what I would strive to do. Grace is so important because without that we couldn’t bring them to Christ. There’s also the truth which when adhered to grace equals love, Christ’s love. Jesus said he didn’t come to abolish the law but to fulfill it. When grace is present, the law is adhered to, not hitting someone over the head with truth, but it comes to fruition through grace. Grace + God’s Truth are very important ingredients in living a successful Christian life. They are together, not separate.

    Please don’t put us into a category of being legalistic gay bashing Christians just because we believe in God’s truth together with His grace. If we don’t direct them toward the truth when they become Christians, then that’s not really love at all.

    Thanks for reading.