“Alan & Leslie Chambers Interview on Steve Brown, Etc.”
by Dr. Steve Brown w/ Alan & Leslie Chambers

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DMy Exodus Book: From Fear to Gracer. Steve Brown, founder of Key Life Network, is a good friend who has stood with Leslie and me through the tests and trials we’ve walked through as leaders in the evangelical church. I am thankful for his wise counsel, encouragement, and friendship.

Leslie and I sat down with Steve and his cohosts, Zach Van Dyke, Justin Holcomb, and Erik Guzman last October to talk about our latest book, My Exodus: From FEAR to GRACE (Zondervan, 2015).

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4 thoughts on “Alan & Leslie Chambers Interview on Steve Brown, Etc.

  1. Hi Alan & Leslie (and Steve and the gang).

    Thank you for being a refreshing, calm, and authentic voice in a loud and troubled world.

    As you know in your journey, as it continues, there are times when the world will abandon you and tell you that you are either wrong or that they do not believe you. Thank God that you both continue to see God and not man’s opinion(s)!!!

    I applaud your hearts and your faith and thank God for you both.

    In His Love,

    Ken S. Drew