Daily Beast Columnist Kirsten Powers Covers FRC Controversy

From The Daily Beast Kirsten Powers, also a FOX News Analyst, writes (more quotes including from yours truly after the jump):

A few weeks ago, at their annual Watchman on the Wall conference … the FRC gave a Baptist pastor named Ron Baity their highest “pro-family” award of the year. Yep, this is the person who gave a sermon to his church that compared being gay with being a murderer. He also said, “I can’t believe the perverseness of two men or two women wanting to slobber over each other … that’s worse than sick. I don’t even think maggots would do that.” He is on record longing for the days when “we had laws that would prosecute [the homosexual] lifestyle.” In a radio interview, he said accepting gay people would make society “more filthy” and said, “They cannot reproduce, so they recruit.”

Just like Jesus said. Oh, wait. Jesus actually said Christians should “love their enemies.” Baity and FRC have arrogantly overruled the Prince of Peace and attempted to pass off bigotry and hate speech about people with whom they disagree as the Lord’s work.

Powers includes a heartfelt quote by Gary Schneeberger with Focus On The Family:

Schneeberger said, “It’s heartbreaking to hear this kind of rhetoric, because it doesn’t reflect the heart or character of Christ.  Focus believes … it is possible to believe that God’s design for human sexuality is one man and one woman in the context of lifelong marriage. At the same time, we have to be able to articulate that based on another truth … God’s design is ‘love your neighbor as yourself.’ I don’t see a lot of love in those statements.”

I am also quoted in the article:

Even Exodus International, the nation’s largest evangelical ex-gay group and no stranger to controversy itself, has condemned FRC for giving Baity this award. Alan Chambers, the head of Exodus told me, “They should take back the award. I reached out to Tony Perkins and I have heard nothing back. It’s time for the Christian community and leaders to realize we have got to do a better job. There is room for biblically held beliefs with regard to sexuality, but we need to change how we talk about them. Homosexuality is not bigger than other issues, but the church has made it the biggest issue.”

Indeed, it has. Baity and FRC are Exhibit A in this travesty. In another interview, Baity claimed that being gay “is the one sin in the Bible that causes God to act swiftly.” This is delusional—and an unsupportable biblical claim. Only in the minds of bigots does God punish homosexuality but withholds his wrath against the 95 percent of the same population that engages in heterosexual sex outside of marriage. Mr. Watchman on the Wall doesn’t seem very good at assessing risk or seeing what is right under his nose, and likely sitting in his church in large numbers (hint:  heterosexual fornicators).

Chambers said, “Christians need to offer an open hand rather than a clenched fist. We have an angry and bitter gay-rights community today and it’s our fault. The church created it. Gay people feel unsafe. I grew up in those churches; I know why people feel that way. We have beaten these folks with the Bible and given other folks a pass and that’s not fair.”

Thank you to Kirsten Powers for a great piece on this important issue.

Alan served as the final president of Exodus International from 2001 to 2013 when together with a core team of leaders and board of directors he closed the organization and began making great strides towards building relationships with the LGBTQIA community and encouraging the global Church to do the same. With a goal to reduce fear, establish trust, and inspire hope on both sides for the sake of the Gospel, Alan and his wife, Leslie, spend their time being available to anyone who desires to talk. He has been featured on every major media outlet across the globe. Alan and Leslie’s first book together, My Exodus: From Fear to Grace (Zondervan, 2015) releases on September 29.

The Chambers spend the best part of their lives with their 10 year olds, Molly and Isaac, and the rest having conversations about all things gay with anyone and everyone over lunch in Winter Park, Florida or in other locations throughout the world.
Follow Alan and Leslie on Twitter: @AlanMChambers and @LeslieMChambers

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One thought on “Daily Beast Columnist Kirsten Powers Covers FRC Controversy

  1. I do agree with you brother, i don’t get what’s going on with the Church of Christ, if people don’t want to come to Jesus way, I don’t think that Ron Baity achieve it-
    a huge part of the problem its having this kind of men behind the pulpit preaching the gospel of God, a true Son of God don’t hate in his heart unless He don’t know the Holy Spirit, and the other part remaining is have people like Ryan Kendall, Chaim Levin, Patrick McAlvey, Peterson Toscano, Jallen Rix, these who ruin the Gospel of God, or the cases from John Smid or Michael Bussee, these kind of “ex gay” leaders that want to preach about punishment, abomination or whats against God when they don’t even have known what they preach, I mean this is silly and people hate this. So why open the mouth if people don’t wanna speak truthfulness,I don’t get why they wasted their time lying to people, what kind of lives!

    People wanna see true miracles in their lives, true change not men and women oppressed or self hatred.

    So Alan, help them 2 recognize the Lord and His law. while there is life there is hope.
    So Alan I can see there is no lie in you man, you are a true follower of Jesus, no matter what people say you keep believing 2 the Lord, cuz you have a vision and I know you’re waiting the promises that God made to His people.

    Go ahead Alan and God bless your blessed family.