Exodus Mid-Week Review – March 20th, 2013

Check out the Exodus Mid-Week Review for March 20th, 2013.

In today’s video we cover a lot of ground including a new resource called “The Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert” and the question of the week “Why is the church important for people with SSA?” As always, let us know what you have to think. Please “Like” and “Share” this video to help spread the word. Have a great day!

Exodus Week-End Review – March 14th, 2013

Today we have a special Exodus Week-End Review. Tune in to see Alan Chambers being interviewed by Clark Whitten, Pastor of Grace Church in Orlando, at The Pure Grace Conference. Alan talks about his beliefs, the Gay Christian Network, and why the truth and grace of Jesus Christ are one and the same thing.

Question of the Week – Why Is The Scripture Important for Those With SSA?

Over the years, the Bible has been used and abused concerning the issue of homosexuality. Many people with SSA might approach the scriptures reluctantly as a result. However, the Bible is God’s love letter to all people and is meant to be a source of life and encouragement. Check out today’s video where Alan answers the question, “Why is the scripture important for those with SSA?”

Exodus Week-End Review – March 7th, 2013

In today’s video we share about the importance of scripture for those with SSA, highlight a very helpful book by Dr. Mark Yarhouse, invite people to partner with us for the Exodus Freedom Conference, and more. If you find this or any of our Exodus Week-End Review videos helpful, please “Like” and “Share” them with your social networks to help spread the word. Thank you and God bless!

Exodus Week-End Review – February 15th, 2013

In today’s video we share about our recent Leadership Reunion, highlight the Freedom Conference, and respond to a question concerning why we do not have an organizational policy statement concerning gay marriage.

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Exodus Week-End Review – February 1st, 2013

In today’s video we make some exciting announcements about our summer Freedom Conference as well as respond to a question concerning the formation of a Gay Straight Alliance (GSA) in a local school. Check it out for those and a couple of other announcements. As always, your feedback is welcome. Have a great weekend!