Imus & Tigers & Rosie, OH MY!

Okay, I just need to pose a question: Why isn’t Rosie  receiving the same public rebuff that Imus is receiving?  To be sure, Imus’s comments about the Rutger’s Women’s Basketball Team were offensive, inappropriate, immature and racist.  Rosie’s comments were offensive, inappropriate, anti-American and all around crazy, yet she still has a seat at the table on ABC’s The View.

I believe that our society has rightly criticized Imus, that sponsors of his show were right to pull out and that NBC was right to cancel the simulcast.  But, the same punishment is fitting for Rosie.  Is she still secure in her job because ABC is afraid to fire a millitant lesbian?

I loved her old talk show and I love Ellen’s talk show now, so don’t think that my disgust for Ms. O’Donnell has anything to do with her homosexuality.