“Level Ground board member and Fast Company editor-at-large Jeff Chu’s exclusive interview with Alan Chambers.

From 2001 to 2013, Alan led Exodus International. Then, he oversaw the closure of the ministry. He and his wife Leslie are now focused on building relationships with the LGBT community and encouraging the global church to do the same.

Jeff and Alan discuss Alan’s journey, his time with Exodus, and what he believes it means and requires to establish trust with LGBT individuals.

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3 thoughts on ““Level Ground” – Alan Chambers Exclusive Interview

  1. Dear Alan: Your God is too small. Changing fleshly lusts whether it be drugs or gay lust is impossible. You are right. But in God there is hope and change happens you bet whether you or Obama decry it or not! But for you if gay lust is immutable then you will soon be there yourself. Your argument does not make sense.

  2. Alan, I will tell you the same thing I told Randy. It’s not about you, your experience, or what you think. Homosexuality is not to be engaged in. The act is sin. The soul that sins shall die.